Here are some Monologues and site with monologues you might use for your audition. 
Remember check with Mr. Doggett as he has many other monologue sources.  

A word of warning, some of these monologues will need to be cut for time and content.  Not all the monologues will be acceptable for use on stage -- use your best judgment or ask Mr. Doggett.  Also, some of the old links might be blocked by the school filter but you should be able to open all links from home unless the website is no longer a working website.

The most important thing you should do when picking a monologue is picking something you like.

The A to Z tips for Monologues
NEW 2/15/12

Tips and Hints for Monologue Auditions
from the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts
NEW 2/15/12

Monologues & Cold Reading Tips
NEW 8/25/09

NEW 8/25/09

Great Link for acting scenes for the classroom


 Monologues for Kids and Teens
Click here
NEW 8/17/2012

Monologues from Sunny Hills High School Drama Department

Male Monologues
Female Monologues
NEW 2/15/12

Why Sanity
NEW 2/15/12

 These are monologues that Mr. Doggett has cut for time.

Mr. Doggett's Monologues
Female: Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will?, Greater Tuna, Blood Relations, Gypsy
Male: Barnum, Big River, Brighton Beach Memoirs, The Oldest Living Graduate

Female Monologues
Several serious and comedy monologues
NEW 2/15/12

Theatre 1 and Jr High class monologues
Several monologues for male and female a few that can work for both male/female
NEW 2/15/12

Theatre Production Class Audition Monologues 2012-12
NEW 2/15/12

Male TETA College Audition Monologues

from Summer Brave and Epic Proportions 2 minutes

Women of Lockerbie

Some of these links may no longer work.

Female Monologues
NEW 8/25/09

Play Group Monologues
NEW 8/25/09

Stage and Song Monologues
NEW 8/25/09

Realm of Theatre Monologues
NEW 8/25/09

Teen Monologues

Monologue Archive

The Monologue Database

Horton's Monologue site

Monologues for kids and Teens

Colin's Movie Monologue page

Other Monologues

Shakespeare's Monologues

Shakespeare Monologues (Male)

Shakespeare Monologues (Female)

Shakespeare Sonnets

Other Monologue Sites